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Welcome to Spiritual Sootsayer's Coffee Reading Service:

At Spiritual Sootsayer, we offer a unique and mystical form of divination known as Coffee Reading, also referred to as “Tasseography” or “Coffee Cup Reading.” This ancient art has been practiced across cultures for centuries and involves interpreting the patterns formed by coffee grounds left in a cup after drinking. It is a fascinating and insightful way to gain guidance, answers, and revelations about your life’s journey.

How It Works:

Set Your Intention: Before the coffee reading session begins, take a moment to set your intention or ask a specific question. Focus on what you seek to gain from the experience.

Enjoy Your Coffee: Savor a cup of coffee while staying mindful of your thoughts and feelings. Allow the energy of the coffee to resonate with your being.

Invert and Swirl the Cup: Once the coffee is consumed, gently invert the cup over the saucer and swirl it in a clockwise direction. This action disperses the coffee grounds to create unique patterns.

Cup Reading: Our skilled coffee readers will then analyze the patterns and symbols that have emerged in the cup. Each symbol holds significance and contributes to the overall message of the reading.

Interpretation: Your coffee reader will share the insights gathered from the reading, offering guidance, clarity, and potential paths for your life’s journey.

The Magic of Coffee Reading:

Intuition and Revelation: Coffee readings tap into your intuition, unlocking the subconscious mind to reveal hidden insights and revelations.

Personalized Guidance: Each coffee reading is unique and tailored to your individual energy, allowing for a personalized and meaningful experience.

Clarity and Confirmation: Coffee readings can provide confirmation on decisions you are contemplating or clarity on life’s challenges.

Spiritual Connection: The process of coffee reading can foster a deeper connection with your spiritual self, guiding you towards inner peace and self-discovery.

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